Making a Virtual English Tutor in 3 Days

BrainShop is ideal for conversational applications that involve deep contextual dialogs and complex business logic, the examples of which include virtual shopping assistant and virtual classroom teachers.

This tutorial guide you through the steps to building a brain that is able to deliver deep conversations as below.

    • Hello!
    • Hi!
    • My name is Aco. What's your name?
    • My name is Jack.
    • Nice to meet you, Jack! What grade are you in?
    • Grade 4.
    • That's great. Are you ready to learn new words now?
    • Yes, I'm ready.
    • We'll study Unit 1: My Classroom. (Showing a picture of classroom.)
        Can you tell me what is in the classroom? Please name them one by one.
    • A picture.
    • Good! Next?
    • Two blackboards.
    • You're right.
    • A dog?
    • It seems we don't have that in the classroom. Can you try again?
    • Many desks.
    • Good job, Jack! We have finished Unit 1. Can we have a small talk?
    • ...

When you finish this tutorial, you'll be able to build AI with the following capabilities and get ready to develop an intelligent tutoring system like Learn English with Aco and many other advanced conversational applications.

  • Answering questions
  • Initializing dialogs proactively
  • Delivering contextual conversations
  • Controling conversation threads
  • Processing fuzzy patterns
  • Recognizing, storing and using entity properties such as name or age
  • Handling multimedia contents
  • Counting and comparing for advanced logic

Don't be daunted with the list above. Using BrainShop to develop a conversational application is simple, easy and fast. You don't have to possess any AI or NLP knowledge to use it. The better, this tutorial will give you step-by-step guidance in details. Just click the fist link below to get start!