1. Brain

To start your Virtual Tutor project, you firstly create a new brain.

1. Creating a brain

  1. Click Add brain.
  2. Enter a title, saying English Tutor.
  3. Leave all options as-is and ensure Default cells is checked.
  4. Save.

As our brain has "Default cells", what we get is a fully-functional chatbot that is ready to talk about virtually anything, even we haven't created any cells for it. If you wonder why we need the general chat capability for the Virtual Tutor, students may ask teacher any questions, including ones not mentioned in textbook, in classroom. The Virtual Tutor is expected to give reasonable answers to such questions, instead of keeping saying "Sorry but I don't know..."

There are cases we don't want the brain to inherit the default cells. But for our Virtual Tutor project, be sure to check "Default cells" for your brain. Doing so you get a capable chatbot, which may spend you months or even years to build similar one from scratch.

2. Talking to it

Throughout this tutorial, we'll use the Training page to verify if the brain works as expected. Doing we can be focused on the brain itself without worrying about deploying and integration.

Click Training tab and have a small talk with your future Virtual Tutor.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • You always start a new AI project by creating a new brain.
  • If your bot is capable in general chat, keep "Default cells" option checked when creating the brain.
  • You can use Training page to test your bot without deploying or integrating it.