3. Hello, Student!

This session demonstrates how to let your Virtual Tutor speak to students proactively, without waiting for a message from students.

The Problem

The Tutor is responsive. She gives an answer whenever you ask for something. For example, if a student says Hello to your Tutor, she will reply "Hi, there!". That's good but what we should do if we want the Tutor to say Hello to student firstly?

The Solution

As you might have observed, BrainShop is a "passive" system. It never does anything unless you give a request through Training page or your app. So how can we let Tutor say Hello to student initiatively? The solution is simply your app sends a hidden request to BrainShop, telling your Virtual Tutor to say Hello where applicable. As the request is hidden from the students, they will feel as if the Tutor says Hello to them initiatively.

As always, you create a "cell" to implement the above feature.

Example 1. Hello.

  • Cell
    • myRequest sayHello
    • Hello!

Note we don't use normal words for the input of above cell. The reason is we don't want it to be processed as a normal message from end user. When creating your app, when an event is triggered, saying student open your virtual classroom, your app sends "myRequest sayHello" to BrainShop and it will returns "Hellp!" to your app. When your app displays the message to end users, they feel the Virtual Tutor is saying Hello to them, before they say anything.

Things to Remember

  • Whenever you want the Tutor to speak to students proactively, let your app send a hidden message to Tutor.