2. Hello!

This session demonstrates how to customize your new brain by creating cells.

The Problem

It's cool we get a chatbot without writing any cells. However we're not consent with that. After all, we don't want to build another chatbot. We want to customize the brain in such a way that finally it's capable to work as a Tutor. This session is focused on customization. Basically this involves creating one or more cells.

Now let's try it.

  1. Click Training tab.
  2. Enter "Hello!" in the input box.
  3. Click Enter button.

The dialog might look like the below. Don't mind it if your got something different - the Default cells might return random results.

    • Hello!
    • Hi, my friend! Do you want me to tell you a joke?

What should we do if we don't want the Tutor to tell a joke?

The Solution

You just need to create new cells to customize your brain. This is how.

  1. Click Cells tab.
  2. Click Add icon.
  3. In Input box, enter "Hello". Do NOT include points.
  4. Click Submit button.
  5. In Output box, enter "Hi, there!"
  6. Click Save button.

Through the steps above, you're creating a cell as below.

  • Cell
    • The input: Hello
    • The output: Hi, there!

Now go back to Training page and enter "Hello!" You will get the results as below.

  • Log
    • Hello!
    • Hi, there!

So far you have changed the bot behavior a bit by creating a new cell. It's very simple but there are a few thing you need to get to know.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Your cells override the default cells.
  • No points are necessary/allowed for Input field of cell.
  • What you enter into Output field of cell, it will be returned as-is, including points.