Intent Recognition

Coming soon...

This feature receives a user message, identifies its purpose, and returns a piece of structured data in JSON, with which your devices or applications can easily give a proper response.


  • Log
    • I feel hot
    • I'm turning air conditioner on.

Where to Use

You can use BrainShop Intent Recognition to enhance any of your smart devices or applications. For example,

  • Smartphone voice assistant
  • Smartphone apps with speech interation
  • Auto Aftermarket Electronics
  • Smart home
  • Wearables

How to use

  1. Sign up with or log in to BrainShop.
  2. Create a Brain.
  3. Choose Intent Recognition for Application field.
  4. Save the brain.
  5. Access the brain through the BrainAPI get.

Note: Just leave the brain blank. You don't need to create any cells or nervers for the brain unless you want to customize its behavior or build an advanced applications.

The API returns a JSON object that looks like below.

    "cnt":"I'm turning air conditioner on. ",
    "intent: "ac.on"

Your application should parse the JSON and respond according to action field, if any.