• Input field: Represents a given number of words start with a character not in lower case.
<ucword>start, end</ucword>


The ucword element works same as * (star) except the former requires a certain number of words while the later presents one or any number of words. You can also return the text it represents with corresponding <s/> element in the Output field.



The number of words to represent. It must be an integer from 1 to 5. Where the parameter is omitted or invalid, it's processed as one. In other words, <ucword/> = <ucword>1</ucword>.

start, end

The range of words to represent. Both start and end must be an integer from 1 to 5. Start must be smaller than end.


Example 1. Word and *

  • Cell 1
    • I am *
    • Are you <s/>?
  • Cell 2
    • I live in <ucword>1,3</ucword>
    • How about the weather in <s/>?
  • Log
    • I am good at programming.
    • Are you good at programming?
    • I live in Los Angeles.
    • How about the weather in Los Angeles?

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