Customizing Attributes

Custom Attributes

Some of the characters of your A.I. brain are defined with "attributes" as part of brain setting. You can customize your virtual robot quickly by providing your own attribute for it. Your custom attributes override the default ones.

To add or modify custom attributes for a brain,

  1. Log in to
  2. Choose the brain.
  3. Click Settings tab.
  4. Click wrench icon.

For each attribute, provide a name and corresponding value. The attributes become effective as soon as you submit the Setting form.

Default Attributes

For any attribute that you haven’t customized yet, BrainShop automatically provides a default value. To view the list of default values for your brain,

  1. Choose the brain.
  2. Click Settings tab.
  3. Click View default attributes link.

The default attributes as well as the overrides of your custom attributes, if any, will be displayed. You can browse the list and decide whether you want to customize additional attributes.


  • You can refer an attribute with <bot> element. See BrainXML Reference for details.