It's cool you have created an advance A.I. without writing a single line of code. However we're not content with that. We want to make you feel even better by enabling you to customize it, again, without coding.

To train a brain,

  1. Choose a brain from the left side bar.
  2. Click Training tab.
  3. Chat with the robot as if you were an end user.

The robot will converse with you based on her own knowledge. Keep talking with her until you get an unsatisfying reply. You can then start teaching her.

To teach her to answer a specific question,

  1. Click the wrench icon .
  2. Enter the expected reply in Output field. You can safely ignore other fields at this time.
  3. Save.

The brain will learn it immediately. To verify whether the brain has learned what you teach, just ask the same question.

Keep training the brain until you're satisfied with her answers.