You can give your team members access to your brain. You can also join a team to work on an existing brain. Together, you and your team make the A.I. even better!

In this guide, your team members who work with your brain will be referred to as a "brainmaster."

Getting access to brain

If one of your colleagues has created a brain and you want to let them join the team, send your Acobot user name (and optionally, the user id) to her and request her to add you as brainmaster by the steps below.

Adding brainmasters

For every brainmaster,

  1. Invite her to create an account at
  2. Request her to send you her Acobot user name, and optionally, user IDs.

When you have their user names on hand,

  1. Choose a brain from the left side bar.
  2. Click Setting tab.
  3. Click the wrench icon .
  4. Click fieldset Brainmasters.
  5. Enter a user name in the Brainmasters field. If the name is found, the corresponding user ID is appended to it.
  6. Click + button to add more names.
  7. Save.

Your brainmasters will immediately get access to your brain.


  • There is no confirmation or notification (sorry!) so you need to notify your brainmasters about their access by yourself.
  • Full access is given to all brainmasters you add. This means they can add other brainmasters and work with any contents of your brain. Add only people you can trust as brainmaster.